Modelo: LPR56VOAGNH1


Guitarra electrica Les Paul VOS Antique Goldtop Gibson Custom Historic Collection. Back: Lightweight Solid Mahogany Body, Top: 2 Piece Plain Maple Top, neck and bridge: Custom P-90, control: 2 500K CTS Volume Pots, 2 500K CTS Tone Pots, Hand-Wired Harness with Bumblebee Capacitors, Switchcraft Toggle Switch.

While the Les Paul was introduced with its famous gold finish in 1952, it took a few years to figure out the best bridge and tailpiece setup. 1956 was the only full year in which the Les Paul model featured the powerful P-90 pickups and the adjustable ABR-1 bridge and stop bar setup, a combination that allowed the Les Paul model to intonate, sustain, and roar like never before. And in this 2018 Historic Series replication, Gibson Custom Shop captures the look, feel and searing sound of an original 1956 Les Paul Goldtop in exhaustive detail, featuring all solid woods, vintage-accurate gold paint, the latest True Historic replica appointments, narrow/tall frets, and hot hide glue construction. Available in Gloss or VOS (vintage patina, shown) finishes

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